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A guide to Lake Bled (including Baby Bible)

A guide to Lake Bled (including Baby Bible)


For years I fell into the trap of thinking that relaxing holidays could only be had at the beach, but Lake Bled totally changed my thinking. I have fallen deeply in love with this tiny little town in this tiny little country. It has the perfect balance between plenty to do and relaxing and quiet enough that doing nothing without feeling guilty is an option too. Mountains and lakes are equally as beautiful, and so much more novel for an Australian like me. So, I couldn’t recommend a trip to Lake Bled more!

See & Do

  • Hire and stand up paddle board and enjoy the views looking down deep into the aqua waters below. If you’re uncoordinated like me or never done it before, lakes are the most forgiving place to learn as waves won’t get in your way.

  • Walk up to the castle, it's a little steep but the views are worth it. I suggest going early or when it is raining to avoid the crowds. We had a glass of wine inside the castle’s restaurant and watched the storm roll in from across the mountains, it was amazing.

  • Pack a picnic and rent a small rowboat and venture to the tiny island in the middle of the lake. Once you park the boat you will see a big set of stairs, go the other way down one of the dirt tracks and you will find a nice, quiet, secluded spot for your picnic.

  • Rent a bike and do a lap of the lake. Its only 6kms but its a quick and easy way to get your bearings of the area and find spots you want to come back to swim, sunbake and enjoy lunch.

  • After all those physical activities, it would be rude not to treat yourself to a message. Garden Village has a small canopy set up on a timber deck set above the creek leading to the creek leading to the lake, it was possibly the most relaxing massage I have ever had.

Eat & drink

  • Caffe Peglez’n is tucked a few streets back from the lake with a huge sun deck with views of the lake and the castle. Their menu has a huge selection of pizzas which are so good you would think they were from their nearby neighbour, Italy.

  • Restavracija Vila Ajda Dax This is home-style cooking and Slovenian pub food at its best. Try the traditional sausage with potato and cabbage along with a local bear.

  • For a truly special occasion, you can’t go past the Bled Castle Restaurant which is tucked away in the tallest point of the castle with wall to ceiling glass looking across to the mountains and down to the lake.

  • Garden Village restaurant is organic dining at its best, it even has real grass growing on its table tops. They also harvest a lot of their ingredients from their very own garden.

Getting around

Walking around the lake is beautiful but if your time is limited renting a bike is the way to go.

Where to stay

Garden Village is one of the best places we stayed on our honeymoon! We stayed in a tent over the running stream with fish in the creek beneath us. It was a bit cold during my visit but I was surprised at how warm and cosy my tent was and the shared bathrooms were spotless. If glamping isn't your thing the self-contained tree houses or huts with private spa. After spending all day not the lake it was nice to retreat to the village for some peace and quiet, their pool and the steaming hot sauna.

Baby Bible:

  • Getting around: Lake Bled is mostly flat and the pathways around the lake which make it a very pram friendly destination. For any hikes or walking to the castle, I recommend a carrier.

  • Car seat laws: any child under 150cm needs to be in a car seat.

  • Safety: Slovenia, in general, is very safe, especially Lake Bled.

  • Language: In case of emergency, everyone spoke great English so there is no need to worry.

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