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5 gift ideas for people who love to travel

5 gift ideas for people who love to travel

This post is part advice for you and part wish list for me because I would love all these things to magically appear in my Santa sack this year. If you have a friend, colleague or family member who has the travel bug this list should have you covered no matter what your budget is. 

Aesop Travel Kit

This is a great little all-in-one gift that includes shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser and body balm. This is suitable for both boys and girls and is a packaged up in a nice, neat little box making it perfect for fitting into hand luggage.

Cost: $41


As a frequent traveller, my Kindle is my best friend. Although I love a good old fashion paper back, they can be a pain to cart around while on holiday, especially if you plan on reading a lot. If you want to be extra generous and thoughtful, you can pre-load some books you think your loved one would like on the kindle.

Cost: starting from $109

Tales & Trails turkish towel

You might have seen this week that I launched my online store. Yes, this is a shameless plug, but I also have a range of handmade turkish beach towels which are an essential for any travel bag. They are a towel, but also double up as a blanket, pillow, scarf or even a tablecloth.

Cost: $30 + postage.

Leather overnight bag

I stumbled across this little shop in Paris’s uber trendy neighbourhood, Marais, otherwise known as the 4th Arrondissements. All the products are made by Paul Marius who also mans the shop. These overnight bags are handy for weekenders or carry on luggage for longer trips. This is something that your gift recipient will be able to keep forever.

Cost: $195 + postage

And for something extra special...

Volumes Gallery Light Box

Image by Volumes Gallery
Image by Volumes Gallery

If you're buying a special gift for someone who loves to travel, there is no doubt they have a nice photo or two to prove it. These lightbox frames by Volumes Gallery are beautifully crafted illuminating frames that shine a light on your favourite travel photography.

Cost: starting from $1290

Merry Christmas!



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