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Top 10: Best things to do in Tulum, Mexico ...

Top 10: Best things to do in Tulum, Mexico ...


  I have visited Tulum twice now and I'm already looking forward to my next visit. It has everything I love about a destination - plenty of places to explore, lots of activities, relaxing and countless delicious restaurants to try and consume far too much guacamole. It is the perfect destination for any type of holiday and ideal for solo travellers, friends, family or couples. Here is my list of the best things to do in this little beach side town:

1. Stay at Papaya Playa Project

Guests at this eco resort are spoilt with over 1km of beach frontage, seaside plunge pools, morning yoga, access to ocean front massages, lovely little huts and endless good times at one of the best beach bars.

Papaya Playa Project: Beach side, Tulum Beach Road at 4.5km.


2. Rent a bike

Tulum is as flat as a tact which makes it perfect for exploring by bike. Cycle along the main road on the beach, into town and if you're brave (fit) enough you can even cycle to the cenotes.


3. Explore the cenotes

Cenotes are large fresh water sink holes in the earth that create electric blue pools perfect for swimming. ...... The grand cenote is one of the best and home to lots of friendly little turtles.


4. Go shopping

Tulum, especially along the beach, is home to beautiful boutiques that sell clothes, jewellery and beautiful home wares. Hammocks, rugs, art, jewellery are all incredibly colourful and a fraction of the cost of what they retail for elsewhere - leave room in that suitcase!


5. Have dinner at Hartwood

You will notice the lines are long and they don't do reservations but don't let this deter you. Enjoy a cocktail while you wait and build up your appetite. Hartwood is beautiful modern Mexican food served in a fairy light lit courtyard. Agave marinated beef teamed with lobster mashed potato anyone?

Hartwood: jungle side of Tulum Beach Road at the 7.6km mark.


6. Explore the Mayan ruins

Sitting on a patch of rocky coastline over looking the Caribbean just south of Tulum's downtown, the ruins showcase several temples and castles from the once thriving Mayan civilisation.


7. Eat off the street

When you go into town, stop by one of the many street vendors. You won't get better, cheaper, more authentic Mexican food anywhere else. A plate of tacos will cost you about $5. Even more reason to order 2!


8. Yoga

Tulum is a mecca for yogis (the bendy or beginners) looking for a relaxed, rejuvenating retreat or some sunny spots for a salutation. There are many places that offer yoga the best being Yoga Shala, Amansala and Papaya Playa.


9. Enjoy breakfast at Chenchos

Their marketing isn't the best, so you might walk straight past it. The business owner is adorable and they serve the cheapest, tastiest authentic food by the beach which you can enjoy on a swing chair amongst the palms. The fish tacos are life changing and the best way to start the day.

Chenchos: Beach side, Tulum Beach Road at 5.2km mark.


10. Nothing

Tulum is incredibly relaxing and things move slowly here, so pull up day bed, order an ice cold corona or margarita and do nothing to soak it all in....


Oink oink,

Truffle Pig. 

Have you ever been to Mexico or Tulum? I would love to hear what you loved most about its so leave a comment.

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