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Best Salads in Bondi Beach ....

Best Salads in Bondi Beach ....

Best salad in bondi beach Summer is a comin’ and if I know one thing for sure, it is that beer battered chips and burgers do not make for a good bikini body (god damn it!). So, here is a list of some beach-friendly salads around Bondi’s beach ….

Smoked Trout - Lox Stock and Barrel

This salad is as colourful as it is delicious. Rocket, mint, zucchini, cabbage and shaved fennel create a light and crunchy base with wedges of beetroot and crunchy candied walnuts adding to the texture. The warm, flaky trout is cooked to perfection with the honey buttermilk dressing lightly coating the ingredients to bring it all together.

Chicken Caesar – Le Paris Go

Sometimes the basic meals are the best meals. This salad is a standard Caesar with crunchy cos lettuce covered in a creamy dressing with Parmesan, bacon and juicy grilled chicken stirred through with a boiled egg on top. Crisp, creamy, filling and delicious.

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Meat Ball Salad - The Shop

These huge, plump meat balls are served with melted cheddar on stop and a leafy green salad in the middle with a generous helping of avocado. This is the epitome of a balanced meal - comfort food teamed with a bunch of healthy greens.

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Sashimi Salad – Soy Japanese

Leafy greens mixed with the signature Japanese salad of silky seaweed noodles make up bulk of the dish with thinly sliced sashimi of tuna, king fish, tuna and prawn on top drizzled in a miso sauce. Light, cold, fresh and healthy.

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Brown Sugar Salad - Brown Sugar

Roasted pumpkin and beetroot with crispy polenta tossed with lentils and goat’s cheese tumbled together and dressed with balsamic. The option is there to add a range of extras - the grilled chicken or haloumi get my vote.

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