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The Best Mexican Food in Sydney ....

The Best Mexican Food in Sydney ....


If you follow me on Instagram or read my blog you would know I am a sucker of a good Mexican fiesta. As part of my job and an Enthusiastic Eater, I have happily done some in depth market research in finding the best Mexican restaurants in Sydney. So here is my list, which will grow over time as my appetite and belly will also do, I am sure. Mejico

Jamie's Italian has a new neighbour in the city, and they are equally as in high demand. Mejico's take on Mexican food is modern and the guacamole (prepared right in front of you) isn't served with your typical tortilla, but a bowl of fried zucchini chips. The tacos are a delicious, you can mix and match, making it easy to try them all. My favourite would have to be the grilled chicken taco topped with chorizo, cucumber and cumin salsa. The highlight for me was suprisingly not the food but the cocktails. Magaritas are the cure all for any bad party or a long day, and Mexico are serving yo all different varieties like the chargrilled pineapple and sage margarita. If you want to enjoy some tequila and a feast, find a free Friday night in the diary and book ahead.

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Mr Moustache
I love this place for many reasons. Firstly, I date a Mr Moustache, so I am bias. Secondly, it is about 800m from my front door. Thirdly, the staff are ridiculously helpful, friendly and fun. Fourthly, they serve Mexican at breakfast time. And lastly and most importantly, the food is epic. Designed for sharing, there is plenty to choose from like the delicious pulled duck tostads, crisply fish tacos, ceviche of scallop and guacamole with house made beet room tortilla chips. If those reasons aren't enough for you to want to go there, the 'drowned pork' sandwich will be. This phenomenal phenomenon is so spicy and juicy, they provide you with rubber gloves to eat it.

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Barrio Chino
The clientelle here think they are as cool as the margaritas that are sold by the jug here. The front bar looking onto Bayswater Road is always packed and a place to be seen. You will usually find me down the back getting comfortable in one of the many booths, I recommend you do the same. The Barrio Chino menu will spoil you with choice, but it s essential to order the guacamole with bacon... no you're not misreading this... there is such a thing and it is as good as it sounds. I advise going with a group so you can try the long list of tacos - if you can't rustle up the crowds, just stick with the tuna sashimi tostadas and the BBQ corn cob which is topped with chipotle mayo, cheese and lime.

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Oink oink,
Truffle Pig.
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