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Pork, Pork, Ippudo! ....

Ippudo ramen sydney After taking the rest of the world by storm, Ippudo landed in Sydney earlier this year. After receiving one rave review after the other, Ippudo have settled well into their new city, but the hype has far from settled. The long lines are a testamate to just how delicious their food is and how eager people are to get in there. In authentic Japanese style, guests are greeted with a loud and enthusiastic “irasshaimase!” and treated to friendly, efficient service.

Ippudo’s specialty is PORK, perfect for those that love the way my cousins taste, whether it be in a bun, gyoza or their specialty, the ramen. Here, these soups are light in texture but big in flavour and are filled with pork belly, chilli, miso and thin noodles. Or if you are feeling more adventurous and porky, you can add extras like flavoured eggs, black mushrooms or shallots. The soups, served with ladle, are comfort food of a whole new dimension that elevate a hangover and will have you feeling full without feeling fat - what more could you want?

Not only are is the food wait-in-line worthy, but they also sell a variety of asian craft beer and sake cocktails so you won't be going thirsty or hungry!

The Bitter: The lines... they can be loooooooooong

The Sweet: Those salty, succulent soups

The Damage: A ramen, beer plus extras will set you back about 30 big ones.

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

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The Botanist....

The Botanist....

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