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Yellow Bungalow .....

Yellow bungalow

Filled with perfectly upholstered vintage couches, side boards, coffee tables, colourful prints, lamps, fans and cushions, this place makes you want to max your credit card to refurbish your home.

I recently bought s great lamp from here, I was worried the price tag was going to be ridicule considering how beautiful the store is but it only cost me $40 and it goes perfectly with the scented candle I also bought from there.

The store acts as a semi show room as the owners are furniture restores as well as sellers, they also make a mean coffee too - a lucrative idea which I am sure has paid off because it is impossible to resist walking out without a purchase while waiting for your cappuccino.

The Bondi community has embraced the bungalow with open arms, giving us another reason to never leave our beloved bubble to brave the outside world... or the "Junk Yard" (Bondi Junction). They are so popular they recently out grew their space and have now relocated to a stunning, spacious shop front further down  Bondi Road.

Yellow Bungalow - yellowbungalow.com.au - 221 Bondi Road (corner of Imperial Avenue), Bondi, NSW 2026


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