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Lox Stock & Barrel ...

lox stock & barrel 1 Lox Stock & Barrel is Bondi's newest café, and the crowds they are constantly bombarded with is a testament to how excited the locals are the have a great new place to enjoy breakfast and lunch. And why wouldn't they be? The team from my favourite haunt Brown Sugar are responsible for this NYC deli inspired, so it is no wonder they have already become a crowd favourite.

The menu looks like it belongs in a window of bistro in SoHo Manhattan, which I love. Their bread and butter, is in fact their  bread, which is freshly baked in-house each day and there are plenty of types to choose from including sourdough, bagels and soy and linseed and many more. Once you have curated your carb of choice you can pick a number of toppings like the avo smash, feta, scrambled eggs or house cured smoke salmon. I teamed my poached eggs and sourdough with a couple of potato Rostis which are served with cream cheese and a generous amount of herb coated smoked salmon. A huge, delicious way to start the day.

Next time I will be coming back to try their wagyu corned beef and pickled bloody mary - a quintessential NYC brunch meal, both of which look absolutely delicious. The coffee also hit the spot and all of these delights were enjoying in a bright, sleek and simple space which spills over into an outdoor courtyard.

The Bitter: The service was a bit sloppy, but I dined on day 3 of opening so I am sure they are running like a well oiled machine by now.

The Sweet: Fresh, seasonal ingredients and an unique menu.

The Damage: Great value - beautiful breaky and coffee for less than $20.

Oink oink,

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