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Brisbane's Best Mexican....

Brisbane's Best Mexican....


Dos Amigos There are many types of Mexican, from healthy, fresh and light to the cheesy, large and filling. No one does the latter better than Dos Amigos. This Taringa restaurant was operating long before tacos became the new sushi, and were once upon a time one of the only mexican restaurants in the city. So they have had plenty of time perfecting their food and more importantly, their margaritas!

The Dos Amigos speciality is the fajitas served with a sizzling plate, but my personal preference is the chicken enchilada combo which isteamed with refried beans, spicy rice and guacamole (be sure to leave the tight fitting clothes at home!)

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Dos Amigos - 185 Moggill Rd, Taringa, QLD 04068

Tuckeria Fresh Mexican

This meal is the perfect mid-weeker meal – quick, easy, fresh and won’t break the bank. Located in the heart of the valley on Brunswick street, Tuckeria is a great meeting place before a night out and a few tummy filling meals before a few too many margaritas. Your meal is assembled right in front of you while you pick how you want your taco/salad/burrito/nachos assembled – beans, no beans, sour cream, guacamole and a variety of tender marinated meats and a spread of spicy salsas (or mild if you’re so inclined). My hot tip – the beef taco salad and a side of spicy cheese fries.

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Tuckeria Fresh Mexican - Shop 13 'Central Brunswick', 421 Brunswick St

El Torito

If you want the most authentic Mexican experience in Brisbane, El Torito is where you go. Not only will you feel like you’re a native surrounded by the colourful decor throughout, the chef himself is from south of the boarder and serves dishes from his native country. You will find slow cooked beef stewed and chorizo quesadillas on the menu but for me the must-have dish is the El Torito Nachoes – generously topped with beef, chicken and beans, what more could you want?

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El Torito - 146 Boundary St, West End, QLD 4101

La Quinta Mexican Café y Bar Bulimba

La Quinta is possibly the most lively restaurant in Brisbane and is consistently packed with people and parties. If you want to celebrate a birthday, farewell or just the fact it is a Friday night – there is no better place to do so. The sangria and margaritas come by the jug full, along with many imported beers , all of which go hand in hand with the amazing menu. If you do happen to be dining with a group, book ahead and opt for one of their brilliant banquets. If not, you can never go wrong with their chilli con carn nachos.

La Quinta Mexican Café y Ba - 1/189 Oxford St - Bulimba, QLD 4171

La Quinta Mexican Cafe y Bar on Urbanspoon

Guzman y Gomez Mexican

It is no wonder there is a Guzman y Gomez are popping up all over the place – they have finally mastered Mexican that is as quick as fast food but taste a million times better and is much better for you. This is a great lunch time option with most meals coming in at around $10, my personal favourite is the burrito bowl with shredded pork topped with guacamole and spicy salsa. If you’re in the valley, their big, open restaurants is perfect for a hot day with plenty of ice margaritas to cool you down.




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