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New Year, New Beer: February...

As part of my New Year, New Beer challenge I have taken it upon myself to try 28 new beers and ciders over February....

1. Sydney bitter, SYD – good old fashion hoppy beer

2. Coopers Sparking Ale, SA – cloudy and fruity, quite refreshing

3. Big Ugly Dog, MLB – Sweet and a hint of citrus

4. Naked for Satan, MLB – this beer is almost as cool as its name

5. Hienkenin, HOL – A testament to the Dutch, they can do more than smoke!

6. Tooheys New, AUS – It is getting old… but a golden oldy

7. Cheeky Rascale Pear Cider – Good not great – taste more like a beer

8. Peroni, ITA – Italians beer is as good as their food and men!

9. Tooheys Super Dry, AUS – As the name suggests, it is pretty dry

10. Cusquena, Peru – Fizzy and refreshing

11. Peroni Red, ITA – just like Peroni, only red

12. Little Creatures Pilsner, WA– tasty, not prefer to the paler ale of theirs

13. The Grifter – a hard to find, delicious pale ale

14. Dirty Granny, AUS – an apple cider on the bitter side, just the way I like it

15. Hahn Super Dry , AUS– as the name suggests, it is super dry

16. Whistler Larger, CNA – A larger, the Canadian way eh!

17. Fat Yak Pale Ale – Taste better than the name sounds

18. Crown Larger, AUS – not for me, at all.

19.  Kirin, JAP – The Japanese are genius, love it!

20. Cascade Premium Light, TAS – a light, basic beer, perfect for the responsible

21. Kopperberg Pear Cider – the perfect peary drink for a Sunday hangover

22. James Boags Premium Larger, AUS – largers have their place, just not in my mouth

23. VB, AUS – or as I like to call, Bogan’s milk

24. Budvar, CHZ – crisp refreshing beer, just like the weather in Prague

25. Trumer, AUS – a German pilsner beer made by the Austrians

26. Tui, NZ – Stale - Kiwis version of VB

27. Stinlarger, NZ – Crisp, clean and full of flavour.

28. Monteith’s Apple Cider – The perfect way to end the month – delicious!

Until next month.....

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