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Queenie's of the Forresters

The young pub gurus who we can thank for the Norfolk, The Flinders, the Abercrombie and the Carrington are also the brains behind Surry Hills hottest bar (and bar tenders), The Forresters. Women flock here to flirt with the tatt covered owners, while the men are attracted to the rare sight of a pub filled with females… and food – not sure which are better though.

The pub downstairs are a certain non-pub feel to it though, more like a classic Italian restaurant with plasma TVs, beer on tap and the quint essential smoking area filled with drunken fools out the front. But if you're hungry, looking for an escape from the busy bar or place to start a big night out, Forresters restaurant is just what you’re looking for!

The menu is huge, casual and full of fun fillings. The pizzas are charred to perfection, thinner than Kate Moss and flavoursome. You can also get Rueben sandwiches made from the daily rosisster meat and a basket of crinkle cut fries covered in pulled pork and melted cheese... Just when I thought fries couldn’t get any better.

If Italiana pub food ain’t your thang, head on up to Queenies, the address's new addition which is the equivalent to taking a holiday to the Bahamas with your grandma…. In a good way. The food is more tropical than a pineapple, and the décor is more retro than a record. But don’t bother packing your bikini on this holiday – the food is fried, plentiful and absolutely delicious.

For mains we shared the BBQ jerk chicken served with jungle slaw and sweet potato fries and the fried pork burger with pinable, both were HUGE, tasty and were washed down well with the tropical beer, Palmer Cristal. But the highlight of the meal was the cevechi made of snapper, avocado, mango and chilli – tangy, fresh, full of flavour and all devoured with accompanies corn chips – if this is what eating in the Caribbean is like, I need to book my ticket!

Oink Oink,

Truffle Pig.

The Forresters, Surry Hills:

Queenies on Urbanspoon

Queenies , Surry Hills:

The Forresters on Urbanspoon

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