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New Year, New Beer: January

January the time of the year when everyone pledges to start over, start fresh and start doing things they have never done before. The same goes for me. 2013 will be a year of trying new things, 313 beers and 52 ciders to be exact! A beer for every day of the week except for Sundays which will be the official day of cider. Why am doing this? Well, ever since craft beer became more trendy than hvaing beard and looking like you haven't showered, I have become intrigued. The fizzy, amber drink has been a constant throughout history, brought people together, helped people make friends, made people more attractive and been the cause of lots of fun, so why not embrace it? It is a New Year, New Beer.

So over the next 52 weeks I will be sharing my taste testing with all of you, and of course, would love any suggestions on where to get the goods. I dare say my local bar and bottleo will run out of new products for me, so share your hidden brewers and crafty creations with your piggy pal.

So below is the run down of month one:

  1. Moo Brew Pale Ale, TAS: The creative folk at MONA have opened a brewery – giving visitors even more of a reason to never leave! The Moo Brew Pale Ale is, crisp, light and has a citrusy flavour. I enjoyed it so much I ordered two.
  2. Moo Brew Dark Ale, TAS: Not as refreshing as its pale friend, I felt like I was back in high school drinking rocket fuel. If heavy beer is your gear, you are in luck.
  3. Ginger Beer, TAS: I love ginger and I love beer – drinking this is like hosting a party on my taste buds
  4. Four sheds pale ale, TAS: Smooth, fruity, subtle flavour, nice after take and brewed in the bottle
  5. Four sheds, TAS: heavy, bitter, almost tastes like coffee
  6. Anchor steam beer, USA: Bitter, super fizzy, awesome label on a  stubby little bottle
  7. Pear Paragon Cider, TAS: As sweet as sugar, 5% alcoholic
  8. Whale Ale, WA: Chewy pale ale that tastes great with blue cheese, what doesn’t?
  9. Melbourne Bitter, VIC: If you like 2-for-1 this tally will make you smile, not sure if they bitter beer will though.
  10. Vale Ale, SA: My favourite beer to date, subtle hints  of passionfruit and glides down the gullet
  11. Moo Brew Pilsner, TAS: Crisp, hoppy beer that proves pilsner doesn’t need to be made in Pilsner
  12. Moo Brew Hefeweizen, TAS: strong, wheaty and foamy. Can’t say I am in love
  13. Sol, QLD: A wannabe Corona that doesn’t tastes as good, but your wallet loves it
  14. Blumers, IR: Often found on tap, isn’t too sweet and often my poison of choice
  15. Stiegl Goldbräu, GER: crisp, hoppy delicious and considered one of the best in the world. Not disagreeing
  16. Asahi, JAP: Clean, crisp, refreshing and typically Japanes, brewed perfectly
  17. Palmer Cristal, CUBA: the perfect beer for a tropical holiday to Cuba, crisp light and frizzy!
  18. Orion, JAP: refreshing, mild taste and made from fresh spring water behind the brewery
  19. India Pale Ale, WA: hoppy goodness and perfect for washing down a curry
  20. 7 Sheds Pale Ale, TAS: An easy to drink thirst quencher
  21. Rekorderlig (Strawberry/Lime), SWE: Great for a hot day, but far too sweet for my liking
  22. 4 Pines Pale Ale, NSW: Fruity with a bitter after taste and brewed naturally
  23. Coopers Pale Ale, AUS: A wholesome natural beer with a chunky, full bodied taste
  24. Reshers, AUS: not a huge fan, taste a bit like metallic
  25. Liberty Ale: Like a Pale Ale but more hops than a kangaroo
  26. Itaipava, BRA: A Brazilian beer that tastes like purity in a bottle
  27. Little Creatures Pale Ale, WA: Fruity, light and flavoursome, and a favourite
  28. Rekorderlig, Pear, SWE: The answer to a bad mood and a hot day, refreshing and delicious!
  29. Peroni, ITA: Crisp and dry, bellisimo!
  30. Little Creatures Bright Ale, WA: refreshing, plenty of flavour and a hint of apple.
  31. Corona, MEX: A flavoursome Mexican party flavourite that always taste better on a hot day with lime.

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

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