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Brisbane's Best Steakhouses.....

Brisbane's Best Steakhouses.....


The Morrison The Morrison is without a doubt, my favourite place in Brisbane, possibly the world, to have a steak. Why you ask? I personally don’t think it is too hard to find a good piece of beef and ‘throw it on the barbie’? It is what the steak is served with that really turns a good meal into a great one. And you know what they say, behind every great steak there is a beautiful pile of mushroom sauce lathered chips behind it. At the Morrison you can get a rump, steak, eye fillet or even a fillet minon teamed with a Caesar salad, beer battered chips, a whole bowl of mushroom sauce with a piece of garlic bread on the side. I dream about this meal often, it is death row worthy. There is not one part of the meal that is healthy, it is without a doubt a heart attack on a plate but it is heaven in your mouth. Morrison Hotel on Urbanspoon

The Regatta Boat Shed

The Regatta, or some may say the “Regretta” is a river-side Brisbane institution known for its cheap drinks and drunk uni students, but also its famous steakhouse, the Boat Shed. After going under during the floods a couple of years ago, the owners decided to revamp it while it was under construction and it looks far more fancy than I remember it from my days of uni Sunday sessions. The service always seems to be fairly poor here, but the atmosphere and venue pick up the slack. The steaks are both “wet” and “dry” aged and can be seen in the cabinets on display. For something different get it served with their blue cheese and port or beer and brown onion butters… amazing! Regatta Hotel on Urbanspoon


Cha Cha Char

If watching overweight corporate men talk about how great they are while stuffing their self-important faces with steaks and beers is your thing, Cha Cha Char is the place for you. Regardless of the obvious deterrent, the quality of the steaks here is undeniable! You can pick and choose your sides here; each cut is served with a unique gourmet offering. My recommendations is to go for the wagyu eye fillet with Asian slaw and nam jim dressing for something different, it is tangy and won’t leave you with the standard beef bloat most others do.. Prepare to pay a pretty penny because this place ain’t cheap!

Cha Cha Char on Urbanspoon

Breakfast Creek

The ‘brekky creek’ is a meeting place for many. With its numerous bars and lively beer garden, there is always some life in this north side haunt. They are also well known for their steaks, but I would say the atmosphere is better than the food. But when you are 6 beers deep and so hungry you could eat the arse of a low flying duck, the steak will be god sent. They also do $10 steak sandwiches lathered in mushroom sauce which is the highlight for me. Breakfast Creek Hotel on Urbanspoon

Bravo Bar B Que

When Bravo Bar unveiled its beefy brother, Bravo Bar B Que, steakhouses around the city were shaking in their beef covered boots, and it is no wonder why because this Brunswick Street beefery won the best steak award in 2010 and 2011. The steak is char grilled and delicious, but the sides are out of control. My favourites are the heart stopping selection of, cheddar glazed broccoli cauliflower and bacon, black mushroom risotto and the potato, prosciutto and rosemary gratin – dine with a group and order them all! Bravo Bar B Que on Urbanspoon

The Norman

There is one way to ruin a pre-feast buzz, and that is lining up for ages waiting to place your order. Thankfully for the Norman, their steaks are well worth the wait and this is easily forgotten once you’re mouth deep in a cow’s behind, the chilli sauce is amazing so I usually get it along with my standard mushroom. To top it all off they serve the serves with a huge Idaho potato jam packed with sour cream and bacon bits… prepare to be put in a food coma! The Norman Hotel on Urbanspoon


This is where the best black angus beef goes to die…. Literally. This unassuming Park Road restaurant often flies under the radar with locals keeping this best kept secret all to themselves. All the steaks are sourced from the best producers and are tenderly taken care of right up until they end up in your both with chefs lightly basting them through the whole process. Their eye fillet is the most popular menu item, and it melts in your mouth like an icy pole in Africa. All steaks are served with a baked potato, but definitely opt for the chips instead and try there delicious blue cheese sauce. Embers Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Deery’s at the Story Bridge

Pubs and steaks are like rum and coke – always better when they are together. So what better place is there to enjoy a steak than at one of Brisbane’s best known and loved pubs, the Story Bridge Hotel. Unlike the rest of the refurbished digs, Deery’s has a bit of old Brisbane charm with the walls adorned in tacky steakhouse memorbillia. It is noisy and packed with families, but you’re not at a pub to have a quiet low key dinner. Try the trio of mustards with your steak, and wash the hot one down with a one of their 100 wines founds on their list. Deery's (Story Bridge Hotel) on Urbanspoon

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