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Top 5: Brisbane's Best Pizzas....

Top 5: Brisbane's Best Pizzas....


1. Beccofino

The owner of Beccofino is your typical Italian - passion, firey and a wizard when it comes to preparing pizza. He has perfected the art of “less is more” with his thin crust bases, fresh ingredients and scarce use of the freshest mozzerella you can find. The chilli and prawn with rocket and pork and fennel sausage pizzas are the winners for me. But make sure you get there early to get a seat on the weekends or be prepared to sit by and watch the beautiful people of Teneriffe from the bar while you wait.

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2. Two sisters

Two Sisters is casual suburban eating at its best. This hole-in-the-wall in Milton is a secret spot of mine that I don’t tell many people about, but now I am a Sydney-sider I will spill the beans. These pizzas are delicious – they’re not to heavy and a good mixture of meat and seafood options. Or, if you want both, get the Happy Bill – perfect combination of prawns, bacon and veggies. Two Sisters is an ideal place for a BYO dinner or a lazy night in with a takeaway pizza.

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3. The Burrow

The Burrow is the cool new kid on the block in West End. Every hipster is lining up to get pizza while marveling over the extensive craft beer menu and each other beards, perhaps that is why the service sucks. But, you’re there for the pizza and they are close to perfect! Packed to the brim, these pizzas are filled with all kinds different toppings that will have you stumped on what to order. My pick of the pizzas is the Aphrodite with prosciutto, gorgonzola, walnut, fig and spinach. Or you can always get a herd of hipsters to go with you and order one of everything.

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4. Arriva

Arriva has changed management more times than I have rolled in mud over the past few years and their food as often suffered. But these days they are back on the pizza wagon and punching out plenty of fabulous flatbased fun. The toppings are generous and full of flavour, but opt to eat in because the base can get a little soggy on the go. My favourite choices are the Dolomiti with mozzarella, smoked ham, truffled mushrooms and asiago cheese or the 4 formaggi pizza. Belissimo!

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5. Il Posto

Rumour has it the second in charge at Beccofino has had enough of his boss and packed up ship to Paddington. Unsurprising considering the menu and décor of both pizzerias are almost identical. But, not complaints from me, Paddington is closer to home and makes pizzas almost as perfect and its predecessor. My advice would be to avoid the white base pizza (who the hell wants pizza without sauce?) and order the classic capricciosa
 tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushroom, artichokes, black olives.

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