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Top 5: New Farm's Best Breakfast....

Top 5: New Farm's Best Breakfast....


Cirque Cirque can do no wrong in my eyes - they have been serving me some of my most beloved breakfasts for years now and after what is usually a 20 minute wait to get in (always worth it), I am always greeted with a friendly smile and fantastic food. The French-Aussie couple who are running the joint are clearly passionate about what they do, this is obvious from their animated recital of the special boards which usually includes things like oven baked omelettes, black pudding or seaweed with eggs. Although I love their enthusiasm for their specials as much as their coffee, I always opt for my favourite menu items like the corn fritters with bacon and a poached egg and the eggs Benedict. Cirque on Urbanspoon

Campos Campos Coffee are not only dominating Queensland’s premium coffee market, they have made a name for themselves for making some of Brisbane’s best breakfast. Tucked away behind the James Street markets, Campos coffee storage/café is the city’s worst kept secret, with a flurry of people coming in and out for takeaway coffee or sitting down for seriously big servings. The menu changes seasonally, always featuring something for those with sweet teeth or savoury snouts, like the piles of perfect pancakes or ham hash on toast with poached eggs and rich hollandaise. Either way you will leave happy, incredibly full and coming back for more. Campos Coffee - Valley on Urbanspoon

Harvey’s The meeting place for yummy mummies on James Street is one of the nicest locations in the city, with an open, sleek space rolling onto the lawn of New Farm’s most stylish precinct, James Street. The portions aren’t huge, so this is the perfect place if you don’t want to expand the pork belly on a nice, sunny day. My favourite breakfast here is the potato and feta rosti served with creamed corn (bet you won’t find that on any other breakfast plate around Brisbane!), herb pesto and a perfectly poached egg on top –breakfast bliss! Harvey's Bar & Bistro on Urbanspoon

Little Larder Little Larder is the quintessential New Farm café found on one of the the suburb’s leafy streets; it is a place the locals like to call their own…. Shame the rest of Brisbane does too. Sprawling on the street’s foot path, there is always plenty of pigs waiting to pull up a crate to sit on, especially on weekennds. The service is efficient, making the long lines bearable. If you’re feeling ravenous, order ‘The Lot’ – as the name suggests you will get tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, eggs, roast and a beautiful bronzed hash brown for the belly. Or another favourite of mine is their pesto scrambled eggs with bacon, oink oink! Little Larder on Urbanspoon

Vine Better known for their amazing Italian food, Vine also serves spectacular breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. Away from the hustle and bustle of busy Brunswick Street, Vine is the perfect spot to enjoy some peace and quiet, read the paper and pig out! They have some old favourites and Italian style dishes; my top pick is the “Italian Breakfast”, two eggs fried in Napoli sauce served with toasted ciabatta (and of course, I order bacon on the side), or the sautéed garlic field mushrooms served with flavoursome feta. A little slice of Italian charm in New Farm, belissimo! Vine on Urbanspoon

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