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North Bondi Italian Food... with Asian Greens?

I love this North Bondi Italian. This restaurant epitomises the Bondi lifestyle too a tee.... it pays homage to the beach, it looks great and is a bit of a wank. What Italian restaurant has a menu with steamed Asian green "for those in training"? I can hear the nonnas around Italy cringing in their graves.

Other than that, I am a huge fan of North Bondi Italian. It has some of the best views in Bondi, a never ending flow of people having a great time, friendly service and good food.

The aranchini balls are the best I have ever had. That is a huge call but one I am more than willing to make, and I have tasted a lot of risotto balls in my time. These beautiful balls are a mixture of soft rice mixed with pesto and covered in a crisp batter and served with a squeeze of lemon. Per-fec-tion. Moving into mains you can either opt for a pasta or meat but beware because the meat dishes don't come with much else.

The veal cutlet is big and basic, I recommend that with any 'carne' dish you order the bowl of veggies - waxy potatoes, peas, fresh ricotta, it is a bowl of goodness and almost a meal in itself! As for those opting for pasta, I have taste tested a few. The carbonara is traditional - small bits of bacon, fresh pasta, egg and dash of cream and the lamb ragu is a bit more flavorsome and heartier. But if you are looking for something from the sea while sitting next to it, I suggest the crab spaghetti baked in a paper bag, it is so hipster it hurts. Yes you are paying around $35 for a bowl of pasta with minimal amounts of meat but in my opinion, it is worth it.

Why? Because when you are loving life in the sun with the sea breeze through your pigtail after a few Number 8s, you will forget the price tag and remember the fun. The Number 8 is the signature cocktail here, campari on ice mixed with blood orange juice - tart and tasty, they go down like liquid gold!

The Bitter: Part of the menu is dedicated to a diet - if you are in training, go have a protein shake somewhere else

The Sweet: The aranchini balls, the view and the dangerously delicious Number 8

The Damage: Drinks, shared starters, main meal and sides will cost about $70-$80 per pig.

North Bondi Italian - 120 Ramsgate Ave, North Bondi, NSW 2026 - (02) 9300 4400

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P.S. the North Bondi Italian team have opened up La Macelleria on Gould Street, an Italian style butcher, salumeria, rotisserie which has become a frequent pit stop for this pig.ย Here you can get roast chickens, cured meats, cheeses, oils, take away meals, pasta sauces and some of the best baguettes you will ever eat. I am working my way through the menu, at this point the highlights have been the chicken or the roast pork, I will have to try both again to determine the winner.

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