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The Grounds of Alexandria.....

The Grounds of Alexandria is an urban farm house and oasis found in the heart of Alexandria which is home to many fashion warehouses, creative agencies and now some world-class food. Now, thanks to the Grounds, the trendy fashion folk and creative kids can get up close to the live stock without getting their getting their Isabel Marant sneakers dirty. But, don’t fear if you’re not the chino or chambray type, this place is perfect for entertaining kids - they can run around and talk to the chickens while you can enjoy a casual coffee in the sun.

Inside the stunning warehouse-turned-eatery there is a huge takeaway counter that operates like a well oiled machine, churning out more coffees than you can keep count of. The lines are longer than a busy bar on a Friday night but it moves surprisingly quickly. So you can grab a coffee and some cake to tie you over while you (try to) patiently wait for your name to be called out.

Once we were FINALLY seated (an hour and 20 mins later), I opted for the juice of the day served in a jar which was tasty and distracted me momentarily from how hungry I was. The menu has lots of great options but I wanted to make a quick decision and opted for the breakfast board which had many of my favourite things – ham, poached egg, pesto and toast. The food came out quickly and was delicious, although a little bit messy as it is almost a build-your-own-breakfast. But, as the name suggests, their main claim to fame is their coffee, and they don't disappoint in that department either.

The bitter: The waits, the food was great but not worth waiting that long. The sweet: The building, I want to own a farm house just like it The damage: Not cheap, breakfast board was $19, so about $30 each.

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

The Grounds of Alexandria - Building 7A, 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015 - groundsroasters.com

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