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Mojos Tapas Bar is now one of my favourite places to eat and drink, so much so I was reluctant to write this post to better my chances of getting a good seat at the next happy hour.

Perched on the south hill of Bondi Beach on Campbell parade, Mojo's Tapas Bar is the perfect place to sit in the sun and people watch on the weekend while drinking and eating the night away. From 4pm to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays you can drink cocktails for $7 and eat half price tapas, it almost feels like you're making money.

In true tapas tradition, the menu is spanish inspired and all the staff seem to have the appropriate accent to match. Some of my favourite dishes include the tender, juicy garlic meat balls lathered in a rich tomato sauce (perfect for mopping up with their oven baked bread), the grilled haloumi cheese served with a wedge of lemon, the salt and pepper squid served with a tangy citrus sauce and the baked ricotta served with a tomato salsa. The plates are small but reasonably priced, so arrive with your posse of pigs and order five of everything!

The cocktails are equally as delicious as the food. If you are looking for a pick-me-up after a long day at the beach I recommend the expresso martini, or if you want to quench your thirst with something more refreshing, the cucumber martini is crisp and cool as a cucumber (yes, I am a sucker for bad-dad-jokes). The bottles of Sangria are perfect for sharing too, you can get the white or red variety, whatever tickles your fancy.

The service is friendly, efficient and always have smiles slapped across their faces, contradictory to the skull and cross bone slash biker theme throughout the restaurant. The space is also deceivingly large so I recommend booking to get seated up the front because out the back is quite dark and dingy, but perfect for pigs trying to remain inconspicuous on a date.

The Bitter: If you're an unprepared pig you might get seated out the back The Sweet: The meat balls and cucumber martini - I have a feeling this cocktail will start to appear on many more menus The Damage: Plenty of food and drink during happy hour, about $35 each - outside those hours is about double that.

Mojos Tapas Bar - 32 Campbell Pde - Bondi Beach, NSW 2026 - 02 9130 1322

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The Best Thing Since Brewbakers Bread....

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