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The Best Thing Since Brewbakers Bread....

What is the best thing since sliced bread?...... Brew bakers bread. This hole in the wall slash garage tucked away on Sandgate Road in Albion is a tiny bakery turned cafe that has carbs and sweet addicts around Brisbane lining up around the block to get a piece of the action.

You will be stumped on what to order once you arrive and I will bet a few piggy pennies you will leave with more bread than you can poke a baguette at. For the pigs that love the sweeter things in life, there are plenty of treats to get your trotters on including almond croissants, jam donuts and brownies. For the savory suckers like me, the bagels that come in a million varieties and artisan breads will make you wish you had a bigger appetite (if that is even possible).

But the best thing about Brew Bakers is that they use their beautiful breads to make gorgeous gourmet sandwiches - ham off the bone with salad or roast pork on walnut bread are my favourites and the perfect option for a lunch on the go. But for those that have the time (and patience) you can dine in and order off their breakfast menu. The breakfast baguette served with herbed scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and a sourdough baguette and is the perfect way the start the day. Their famous bread is the perfect combination of chewy, soft, bubbly and dense and is deeeeelicious - you will be finding a million excuses to go to Albion.

The kooky, creative cooks and staff are always more than welcoming and you will often find them dancing behind the counter and singing about the bread.... it will make you want to sing too once you taste it. Just to top it all off they make a brilliant coffee too -

The Bitter: It isn't in the most convenient location and parking can be a nightmare

The Sweet: Sourdough, sourdough, soughdour!

The Damage: Cheap as chips.... or croissants  - under $10 for sandwich.

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

Brewbakers - 1/337 Sandgate Road - Albion, QLD 4010 - 07 3262 9400

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