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Comfort Food at Comfort at My Table.....

Comfort at my table... pretty self-explanatory really. A brilliant cook/artist (Nims), who has a undenialble love for all things feminine and vintage wants people to feel comfortable at her tables. Well, its working! All the pigs around town are willing to put up with uncomfortable queues to taste her culinary creations, both on the plate and on the walls.

Amongst the industrial streets of Milton you can find this not-so-secret sanctuary filled with fresh flowers, kitsch furniture and the smell of freshly baked goods wafting throughout. The place is always bustling with girly girls, Paddington hipsters, ladies who gossip, and blokes and business men who seem to love the potions that are fit for the hungriest pigs!

The menu has all the traditional favourites with a unique twist, just like the cafe itself, and is conveniently divided into Sweet and Savory. Whenever I see ham on a menu I struggle to look past it, so without much hesitation I opted for the green eggs and ham. I was presented with thickly cut ham straight off the bone teamed with creamy scrambled eggs mixed with homemade pesto. And if that isn't enough to tempt you, it also comes with a smokey tomato relish... perfection.

My fellow piglets were generous enough to let me do my "market research" and taste their dishes, which were a feast for the eyes as much as they were for the appetite. To my left I tasted the mushroom breakfast - sauteed mushrooms  topped with ricotta and grilled lemon, delicate and delicious. To my right I got to taste the savory mince... this is when the food envy set in. The spoon full of mince I tasted was like a party in my mouth, appropriately teamed with 2 fried eggs and sourdough toast, I definitely know what I am ordering next time.

The joy didn't stop at the main course. Here you can find a range of different coffees, drinks and teas to start, finish or accompany your meal. May I suggest you start with the lemon in hot water, which is great for digestion and you will need it if you plan on finishing off your meal. Or, if you want to conclude with a cookie - there is an abundance of sweets in the cabinet, all freshly made in-house. I highly recommend you wear comfortable pants when you want to go to get comfortable at these tables.

The Bitter: It is busy.... long waits on weekends and when you finally get seated there is a long wait for food The Sweet: These days tables are being replaces with milk crates, but here you have space to move and art to admire The Damage: Huge meals for slightly less than average - you can get a meal and coffee for around $15.

Oink Oink,

Truffle Pig.

Shop 5,19-23 Cribb St - Milton, QLD 4064 - comfortatmytable.com.au

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