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Porkless Pig Week 2.......

Porkless Pig Week 2.......

2 Weeks down and 8 days to go...... It has been challenging to say the least and surprisingly I have struggled more with the lack of meat than the lack of Samboys.

On the weekend I travelled to the NSW country side for a wedding, passing the paddocks of cows all I could think of was steak, meat balls and shredded beef nachos. I was secretly hoping the reception dinner would provide me with an obligatory excuse to eat meat at the expense of adding an extra day to the challenge. When I saw the fish arrive at the table my disappointment was as audible as my boyfriend's amusement. I think he had great satisfaction biting into his roast beef knowing I couldn't ask him to share it with me.

I am still undecided if this challenge is worth the inconvenience and heart ache but here is the progress of the Porkless Pig Challenge so far:

Mind: Foggy, my energy levels have plummeted and body is telling me go to the butcher.

Body: I have lost 1.5kg from the pork belly, I think that can be attributed to my meals being boring so I don't go in for seconds and I'm forced to eat more salads because sandwiches generally have meat on them.

Bank: I have a few extra piggy pennies in the bank, but I don't think you can put a price on good ham.

Despite my complaints I have had some delicious and nutritious delights, the highlights include:

  • Falafel, chickpea and sweet potato salad with lemon tahini dressing
  • Crispy skin salmon with a spinach, bean, asparagus and feta salad
  • Feta, roast capsicum, chilli and herb stuffed roasted field mushrooms
  • Sweet potato roasted in Moroccan seasoning to substitute Samboys

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

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