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Porkless Pig: Week 1.......

This week has been tough and I fear I may have only conquered the easy part of the Porkless Pig Challenge. I have undoubtedly eaten more seafood over the past week than I have this whole year combined. Although I have treated myself to plenty of prawns, smoked salmon and calamari but they are just a casual fling I am having to help ease the emotional pain caused by the breakup with my true loves.... ham and chips.

I have ham, bacon and steak on my mind all day long, it is a void in my life and stomach that no chickpea, mushroom or chunk of tofu can fill. After a tough day like the ones I have been having going meat-free I usually beeline to the closest 711 to take out my stress on some doritos - but I can't eat them either! I would compare the past week's turmoil to breaking up with a boyfriend the same week your best friend dies..... perhaps not that extreme but you get the jist.

On wednesday I was treated to a Sake Master Class at Wagamama (details to come) and after a few sakes on an empty stomach I momentarily got carried away in the moment and ate a chicken gyoza. So, according to my terms and conditions I will now be subjected to another full day with no meat or chips thanks to one (very tasty) chicken gyoza........

But it's not all bad, I have enjoyed some delicious and different food over the past week but I must admit I am getting over eating sushi and I am not even at the half way point, not even close. You'd think that when I pig stops eating pig you'd get some results but my statistics so far are underwhelming.

Mind: I feel like the crazy cat lady... but with no cats. People usher their children away from me in Coles when I am standing there sobbing while staring at the Samboys.

Body: I am constantly hungry and seem to be replacing meat with carbs and cheese - from what I hear that isn't conducive to a Miranda Kerr body.

Bank: Cooking with chickpeas instead of chicken is cheap, but when eating out seafood isn't cheap, so.... no difference.

All-in-all I am struggling to stay motivated to continue not eating meat and chips for another 2 WEEKS! I will reluctantly persevere with this challenge to prove to my porky self I can do it, wish me luck!

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

Sake it to me!.........

The Porkless Pig Challenge.......