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My "Frequent Noodler" card from Wagamama gets abused more than my credit card during stocktake sales - I jump at any opportunity to enjoy a gyoza, raman and edemame. But my last visit was a little different to my usual "37 and a 99" midweek lunch but a very sophisticated Sake Master Class run by the super friendly Sake master himself, Toshi Maeda.

Before our official class I was already on the Sake bandwagon after tasting the sparkling, surpisingly sweet and easy to palette for a non-sake savvy pig. From there we got a full tutorial on how sake is graded, how it is made and how to drink it. So from what I can gather here is how it goes:

Sake = ground rice = starch + sugar + add yeast + turns to sake = drunk pigs!

The flavours are interesting - some tasting like honey, others like melon and one that just tasted like burning. The sparklings and chilled sakes were my favourite and were perfectly accompanied by the new Wagamama menu specificly designed for their recently refurbished lounge area hanging off the new and very la-de-da Wintergarden where pigs can find high end fashion and seriously good food.

So now my favourite ramen and gyoza resturant, Wagamama, has now extended its offering to more than just an in-and-out eatery but a place to have an after work sake, some edemame and another excuse for me to claim all my friends points on my frequent noodler card - I am happier than a pig in poo!

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

Wagamama Wintergarden - Queen Street Mall - www.wagamama.com


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