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The Corner Store Cafe, Toowong ........

The Corner Store Cafe, Toowong ........


This Corner Store offers more than your daily papers and a carton of milk. The cafe offers ridiculously good breakfast and lunch daily, prepared and served by the trendiest of wait staff in one of the best looking cafes in Brisbane. Thankfully, this architecturally designed, open plan, tasty-as-hell haven is nestled into the quiet leafy streets of my home suburb, Toowong. When the Corner Store Cafe opened I felt like all my piggy prayers had been answered. I no longer had to wake up hung over on a Sunday and drive in a post-kebab and tequilla shot daze to New Farm or Paddington to get my hollandaise drenched bacon fix, I could now trot on down the street to feast on some of Brisbane’s best food.


I know a place is going to be good when I can't decide what to order - the impressive yet unpretentious menu (which changes regularly) had me perplexed - corn cakes or the Boston beans? The bacon swayed me toward the corn cakes and I am glad it did. They were simple but full of flavour, perfectly accompanied with home made chutney and crispy bacon. The eggs were poached to perfection - water free, firm but the yolk warm and runny on the inside (crappy cafes please take note!). To tie me over I ordered a cold press coffee which had been brewed for over 12 hours then mixed with ice and milk, which was just as delicious as their freshly squeezed juices.

My counterparts ordered from opposite ends of the spectrum. One ordered the incredibly indulgent Belgium waffles served with home made roasted pear, chai and date ice cream lathered in maple syrup and the others opted for the wholesome but healthy avo on rye option, which was served with a delicious tomato and coriander salsa. I tasted both (much to their dismay) and I can confirm that the deliciousness was consistent across the board.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better I looked to the right hand side of the menu and my taste buds went into a piggy tail spin! Cheese burger, pork sandwich, prawn tacos and a beef dip baguette... I was torn and struggling to make a decision once again. The friendly waitress suggested with overwhelming enthusiasm that I should go for the beef dip and I soon understood why.

I was presented with lashings of rare, slow cooked rib fillet tucked into a crusty baguette with caramelised onion, teamed with a side of salty roast potatoes and a bowl of horseradish dipping jus – piggy perfection! I ate it quickly as everyone around the table was eyeing off my meal like a pack of hungry hyenas. Despite being a pig and eating it all myself, I still managed to fit in a prawn taco which was also delicious surprising because my loyalties usually lie with the hard shell (but I would be willing to make an exception here).

Corner Store Cafe is also the perfect place to grab something if you're on the go. The cabinet is always full of gourmet sandwiches, salads and sweets to satisfy all tastes. There is also a gourmet groceries, flowers and vegetables you can take home with you if you're feeling inspired to cook after your great meal.

The bitter: barely any bitterness here but you might have to wait a while on weekends to get to the good stuff.

The sweet: It is all good but the beef dip has stolen a piece of this pig’s heart.

The damage: Minimal a meal and drink at breakfast and lunch is about $20 - $25 and worth every penny in the piggy bank!

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

Corner Store Cafe - 113 Sylvan Road, Toowong, QLD - www.cornerstorecafe.com.au

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