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Mark's Moroccan Mussels Recipe.......

Mark's Moroccan Mussels Recipe.......

On Monday my pig pen pal Mark turned our quaint Queenslander into a food stall that looked like it was ripped right out of the Marrakech markets with his Moroccan Mussels!

Delightfully delicious and perfectly accompanied with a crusty ciabatta and spinach & sweet potato salad.

What you need: • Olive oil • 1 x brown onion • 1 x Big chilli • 2-3 Big garlic cloves • 1 – 1.5 teaspoons paprika • 1 – 1.5 teaspoons cumin • 2 cans of diced tomatoes • Tomato paste • White wine • Salt & Pepper • Chilli flakes • Olives kalamata • 1KG of mussels washed and bearded • 2 x lemons • Curley Parsley.

What to do:

  • Chop up the onion, chilli, garlic and add a few splashes of hot olive oil in a large pot. Add paprika & cumin and saute until you can smell them both simmering.
  • Add the 2 cans of diced tomatoes, a decent amount of tomato paste and half a cup of white wine. Stir and simmer until for 10 – 15 minutes while adding salt, pepper and chilli flakes to taste.
  • Add a chopped handful of pitted Kalamata olives and then the cleaned and bearded mussels – make sure most of the mussels are submerged.
  • You can tell the mussels are ready when they have opened.  It shouldn’t take any longer than 10 minutes for . Once cooked (about 10 minutes) add the juice of half a lemon and some lemon zest. Finish on top with chopped parley sprinkled over.

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