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Anouk to hide and feast...........

Anouk is arguably one of the best breakfast in Brisbane. This is quite obvious when you’re waiting in line like an impatient pig watching the culinary creations being served around you by the happy hippies which make up the friendly team.

The menu is forever changing so it is always an exciting journey to this unassuming Given Terrace location with fresh french feel.  The menu is long and lavish - smoked trout, mapled bacon and marinated mushrooms always seem make an appearance, I always struggle to make a decision because it all smells scrumptious.

This time around I ordered the omelette which was a hard decision because I flirted with the thought of the eggs Benedict for a long time, but I didn’t regret my choice. The omelette was huge and sadly I couldn’t finish it all, which as my friends know, is a very rare occurrence. It was the old classic with a gourmet twist - ham, cheese and tomato but so much more!

The cherry tomatoes were red and juicy, the cheese melted in perfect portions, the prosciutto tender with a right amount of crispness to it and the eggs were fluffy, firm and faultless. Just when I thought It couldn’t get any better I bit into the baguette with herby butter and hoped the meal would never end.

I know a coffee is good when I order a second one, which I did. My friendly piglets also let me try their cinnamon and banana smoothie (that combination never ceases to please) and the mushrooms with crumbled feta which was also a taste sensation.

The bitter: The wait. Although the food is worth it, I am never happy when hungry

The Sweet: This place is an all-rounder – cosy, friendly, efficient, tasty and close to home – I couldn’t oink about it more.

The Damage: You get serious bang for buck – about $25 for food and coffees

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

Anouk - 212 Given Tce, Paddington - 3367 8663 - Anouk Website

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