My name is Hannah, and I’m an Aussie freelance writer living in Finland. This blog is a collection of travel guides and tips to help you get the most out of your travel (especially if you have kids in tow).

Hungry in Hong Kong........

After touching down in Hong Kong we beelined for the first yum cha restaurant we could get our trotters on and from that point on it was a non-stop eating frenzy that left me looking like an over stuffed pork bun.

It was quick trip filled with extreme eating (chicken feet and frogs followed by some dry heaves) and more dumplings I could keep count of. The food markets were amazing and undoubtably fresh with the fish still flipping and flopping as though they had jumped right out of the harbour  onto the street. Every part of the animal is out for the world to taste - the ears, the heads, the organs and all the bits I actually like to eat - if only I had a kitchen over there, I would have gone bananas.

The street side food vendors are as cheap as chips and full of flavoursome fun. Sign language is essential as english speaking service is as rare as a bad meal over here. We were welcomed into the kitchen to point out what parts we wanted on our plates and we were never met with disappointment. Service with a smile, sizzling stirfrys, sweet and sour soups, Sing Taos and so much soy sauce!

My hooves and hunger kept me too preoccupied to document every place I overindulged (and there were lots!) but I am happy to point pigs in the right direction if they want to know where to stuff their snouts in Hong Kong. I love everything about this insane city and I can't wait to eat it all over again next year.

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

The Corner Store Cafe......

Lure me to breakfast....