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Home Sweet Stokehouse....

Absolute river frontage, beautifully polished timber decks, clean glass, chilled wine and the scent of delicious food wafting throughout..... I felt like I was in my dream house but I was actually at Stokehouse.

Stokehouse seems to have divided the masses since it's opening - some pigs love it and those pigs who are unsure might want to try this place again. The service is friendly, attentive and accommodating - they gave us table in a fully booked restaurant and rearranged it so all the pigs had views of the river and city.

I felt like a pompous, polished pig sipping on some sauvignon blanc while enjoying my crayfish cannelloni, blanched buttery beans and a bowl of shoe string fries (so perhaps I wasn't completely polished). I also tried the duck which seems to be there signture dish and scallop risotto whcih was on the specials menu, neither of which I turned my snout at.

On my second visit to Stokehouse, for another lazy Sunday lunch I indulged in a few cocktails - the Bloody Mary was delicious, the perfect blend of spice, citrus, booze, juice and ice and left me feeling very at ease when I tucked into my rich bolognaise ragu with perfectly prepared home made pappadella pasta. Despite being more than satified the food envy set in when I tasted the angel hair pasta with prawns, mussels and  calamari and the Gold Band snapper but it has just given me another excuse to return to my new favourite house.

Stokehouse Brisbane is the perfect place to part with your piggy pennies to enjoy a long lunch on a Sunday for 'Stoked on Sundays'. You can rub hams with all of Brisbane's prettiest pigs, listen to the DJ on the decks and bask in each others beauty.

The Bitter: A few pretentious pigs prancing around the place.

The Sweet: Finally a place in the "River City" where you can actually sit on the river!

The Damage: White table-cloth restaurants always bruise the bank account. A glass of wine, main and sides about $70 each - worth every penny.

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

Stokehouse - Sidon Street, South Bank QLD  -  www.stokehousebrisbane.com.au

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Holy Guacamole!

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