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Comfort in Carolina Kitchen.....


I have always wondered why this style of food is called 'comfort food', is it because it makes you look and feel like a excessively cushioned couch? ... despite the stigma, I felt very comfortable after consuming Carolina, the food was too good to stop.

The achilles heel in my hoof is without a doubt CHIPS - I have tried and tested many, upon many, upon many, upon many deep fried chunks of potato and I can say with confidence these heavenly hot chips are contenders for the best in Brisbane, maybe even Australia. I will have to try them a few more times to make a more educated judgement... any excuse will do. I have crossed the wholesome hoagie and wonderful wings off the list and I will be working my way through the whole menu with a pair of maternity pants in tow.

You will find this fast fried food feastery amongst the sleepy suburban surroundings of Coorparoo. This place is anything but sleepy though, book early if you want to get a seat because it is limited with plenty of pigs ready to take your place.

The Bitter: It is far away from home, but that is good news for my bacon belly

The Sweet: The fries - I haven't been able to think about much else since they hit my hungry lips

The Damage: You are making money at this place! $15 each for a hoagie, wings, fries and drinks for two greedy guts.

Oink Oink,

Truffle Pig.

Carolina Kitchen - 38 Macaulay St, Coorparoo, Brisbane -  Carolina Kitchen Website

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Jamie's (almost) 30 Minute Meal....