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Moshi Moshi Harajuku Gyoza.....

Moshi Moshi Harajuku Gyoza.....


  I have tottered past this timber clad corner restaurant many times – it’s hard to miss because 9 times out of 10 there are hoards of boars outside waiting to pig out on beer and gyozas. No convincing required.... I love beer and I love gyozas even more.

The gyozas were fresh, full of flavour and perfectly complemented by the do-it-yourself dipping sauce, no need to constantly ask for more soy sauce or chilli (happens all too often for this pig). I gobbled on the full prawn, grilled duck and grilled pork gyozas as well we the chicken karange and edemame all of which were washed down with icy cold Kirins... bliss!

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The inside of Harajuka Gyoza is simple but also full of character - smiley faced dumplings, timber tables, mood lit and plates with random Japanese imagery adorning the walls. It was easy to get a seat on a Sunday afternoon but next time I visit I will brave the line on a Friday night so I can enjoy the full experience of this electric little pig pen and listen to the enthusiastic staff yell “moshi moshi” at full volume.







The bitter: not fit to fill a truffle pig The sweet: perfect place for a pre-night on the town pig out The damage: minimal damaged - 5 dishes and 4 beers approx $65

Oink oink, Truffle Pig

Harajuku Gyoza - 394 Bruswick St, Fortitude Valley - www.harajukugyoza.com

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