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Truffle Pig’s Potato Salad

Truffle Pig’s Potato Salad

Last weekend I was put in charge of organsing the food for a fellow pig's birthday lunch with short notice and no time to prepare anything spectacular myself. So, I bought cheese, quince and crackers in bulk and order a glazed ham (any excuse will do).

But I needed to do more than that... what goes well with ham and will keep 10 hungry boars satisfied while consuming wine all afternoon?....... POTATOES!

After skimming over a few recipes I decided to wing it and prepare a potato salad à la pig. Following recipes and instructions has never been a strength of mine, I prefer to hunt unguided and let my sense of smell decipher the right ingredients....which has led to disaster more often than not. Thankfully the power of the snout prevailed and the potato salad had all the piglets oinking with delight and wanting more!

Prep time: Quick Cooking time: Even quicker

• 1kg of baby potatoes • Good quality whole egg mayo • 2 teaspoons of horseradish • 1 table spoon of whole grain mustard • Bunch of shallots both ends trimmed • 1 Brown onion • 4-5 rashers of oink-a-licious bacon • Half a lemon (juice) • 2 table spoons of white vinegar

Step 1: Wash and chop potatoes and place in a pot of boiling water Step 2: Chop the bacon into thin slices a fry pan until crispy Step 3: Chop onion & shallots into teeeny tiny pieces to avoid lethal hog breathe Step 4: Drain potatoes and let them sit once they've turned soft-ish but firm Step 5: Mix mayo (50- 75% of a jar) with horse radish, vinegar, mustard and lemon juice Step 6: Stir all the bits together into a big bowl and you’re done!

The bacon adds a salty tang to the creamy potatoes that are lathered in the even creeeeamier mayo which holds onto the onions nice and tight. Best left overnight so they can all relish in each other’s goodness, fall in love and have a party in your mouth.

Serve with glazed swine and chilled wine.

Oink Oink, Truffle Pig.

Review: Seasons Restaurant, Noosa

Review: Seasons Restaurant, Noosa

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