Tales & Trails

By Hannah Lewis

hannah lewisI started this little blog back in 2012 because of my love of adventure, my healthy appetite, a knack for writing and a curiosity for digital media. Since starting I have grown an audience of likeminded people who, like me,  believe in the age-old saying “eat well, travel often.”

I grew up and travel to Brisbane regularly and have called Sydney’s Bondi Beach home since 2013 making T&T a go-to place for Australia’s East Coast folk when wanting to explore their hometowns. When I am not travelling close to home, I am working towards my goal of stepping foot in every country of the world. As I work towards ticking that box, I am sharing everything I learn along the way – the good, the bad and the (hopefully not) ugly. T&T is where people can find honest, useful and fun inspiration for their next adventure.

I am just as interested in hearing about your tales, so join to conversation on my Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. To get in contact or learn more about my freelancing or how we can collaborate, please visit my contact page.