Hey, I’m Hannah.

I started this little blog back in 2012 after I realised how much I enjoyed giving my family and friends tips on where to eat and travel. So, I decided, why not put my unsolicited opinions on the internet like everyone else!

Over the years my humble little blog has transformed and changed the same way my life has. I used to focus predominately on food, but now my life is a little busier, and my metabolism is a helluva a lot slower. In more recent years I have focused more on travel (don't worry, there is still plenty of eating going on). My stories used to focus more on guides of where to do and what to do, but more recently have had a new travel companion, my daughter Winnie.

Travelling with a baby is a whole new (but equally fun) ball game. Just what the world needs, another "Mummy Blogger" - amiright?! But, regardless, I hope my blog can be helpful to those new, and perhaps not-so-new parents who are like us and don't want to let their babies or kids stop them from ticking off their bucket list. My goal in life is to visit every country before I die (or at least get to 100 counties by the time I am 50), so Winnie is going to join in on the adventure too.

And now, another exciting new development (to me at least) is that we have recently relocated to Finland. I grew up in the "Sunshine State" of Queensland, Australia and for the past 8 years, I called Bondi Beach in Sydney home. So living in Helsinki is a HUGE change, on every level imaginable. So that is why you will see lots of Finnish related posts and also plenty of journals about how we are embracing (and adjusting) to our new life here.

I am just as interested in hearing about your tales, so join in on the conversation on my Instagram. To get in contact or learn more about my freelancing (here is a link to my portfolio) or how we can collaborate, please email me